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© Cynthia Lewis Ferrell 


Chuck Lewis - Artist/Photographer

Cynthia Lewis Ferrell headshots

Ce Banc illustration

The Kangaroo of the Rainforest "Daughter" - Renee Rulon Cortez

The Kangaroo of the Rainforest "Polo" - Juan Castaneda

Cynthia Lewis Ferrell - Artist/Photographer

Antique doll carriage

Horse Through Fire

Glynn Kelly - Costume Designer

El Canguro "Toucan"

Clare Graham - Artist

El Canguro set design

Hey Wordy LLC

Hey Wordy with David Burke

Katerina Tana

The Tip


Woodlightz, Schin op Geul

Microphone lamp

Friends of Eternity: A Journey Through Esthetic Realms

Cynthia Lewis Ferrell/The Man and the Fire

Anita Prestidge

KALW Radio - Peter Michael von der Nahmer and Cynthia Lewis Ferrell

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