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  • clewisferrell

Throw the Dog a Bone - Right After Her Wake.

Gretel's Comeback - My original short story is now a new play co-written with Britain's Stefan Antoniuk. Gretel is the first in a series of Radio Pickle farces Stefan and I are prepping for the stage in England. In this flagship piece, Radio PKL’s crew means to skip out on rent, er, relocate in political glory. After all, the broadcasters bought exactly the right number of votes - alas from New Jersey goons via a maxed-out charge card. Now they need to refund real cash to save their necks. Salvation arrives in the form of a dead dog: They quickly hire out the station at top dollar for the funeral service of the famous Gretel, of Gretel’s Doggy Diapers. But divorcing dog owners each scheme to use Gretel’s corpse to film one last lucrative commercial - and without that money, neither can pay. It's a romp and a half, with a doggy diaper song that may never leave your brain.


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